2018-12-15 9:00 PM - 11:59 PM

Originating with heavy rock and metal roots, Toy Zebra has now embraced a high-energy Pop/Rock sound with an instrumental and vocal prowess that comes only with time, experience and unconditional commitment. Each member offers unique skills that, when combined, gives them tremendous versatility and the ability to move seamlessly between multiple genres, be it Pop, ’80s arena Rock, Motown or even Country. They are evidently a band without limitations, capable of producing four lead singers and a wall of massive four part harmony.

They indulge audiences in an exuberant live show that immediately transforms any setting into a full-blown concert. Their collective chemistry and experience shines through in their presence and confidence onstage, delivering fans an exhilarating and uplifting energy upon which to thrive. And although they are serious and highly dedicated musicians, they aren’t afraid to bust out flashy red blazers, wacky dance moves and moments of Prince-inspired falsetto.
From Van Halen guitar solos to the grooves of R&B to today’s Top 40 hits, you never know what to expect at Toy Zebra’s live show