In March 1978, the John B Pub opened its doors for the first time in Coquitlam across the street from its current location.  Curious patrons started coming by to see what the “Neighbourhood Pub” concept was all about.  Back in the days of “beer parlours” the idea of a neighbourhood pub with enhanced food offerings, cozy atmosphere, and unlimited beverage selection was a new concept, and one that stirred significant controversy at the time.  A tremendous amount of change has occurred in the industry over the last 30 years, but the John B has thrived over that time and continues to be one of the Tri-cities most popular pubs.

In 1990, the John B moved directly across the street to its existing location at 1000 Austin Ave.  The new larger location was built with provisions for a specialty liquor store and prize winning patio.  Conveniently located in the heart of Central Coquitlam, the well-lit atmosphere and extremely friendly service has made the John B the choice for lunches, dinners and after work socializing.  The essence of The John B is the ability to satisfy all of your palettes under one roof.  Come see why the John B Pub has stood the test of time and is considered an iconic destination in the Tri-cities.